August 26, 2009:

Still cleaning the house.  I've managed to put nearly all of the clothes I organized yesterday into the proper places.  That's about it.  I had a Herceptin treatment today, which is an IV drug that they give me with IV Benedryl.  IV Benedryl kicks my ass.  I only get a half dose these days... the whole dose that they used to give me would make me lose a whole day sometimes.

When I got home the neighbor's dog was out in their driveway.  This dog is amazing.  He has tons of personality and is completely adorable... and utterly paranoid about people that aren't his family and pretty much the whole outside world, which makes me wonder why he puts so much effort into getting out.  I mean, my neighbors are fabulous dog owners.  If I ever get reincarnated as a dog, I would want to live with people like them.  This dog is just an evil dog genius.  Today, for example, he scavenged a piece of wood from the fenced garden that he plays in during the day, shoved it on top of a decorative border, and wedged it against the wall to form a ramp... which he then ran up and vaulted over the wall.  Afterward I assume he sat in the driveway and imagined the end of the world until I noticed him and put him back.

While I was putting him back, however, I noticed that they'd accidentally live trapped the other neighbor's cat.  I didn't even know they had a live trap in their yard.  It turns out that the trap is only out at night, they're trying to relocate some aggressive raccoons (which is something I'm in favor of, as is the cat's owner)... they just forgot to put the trap away this morning for once.  Heaven forbid I should start pointing fingers for forgetting something, heh.  Bear (the cat) was pretty much horrified, so I don't think he's going to fall for that again.

All of the running around in the sunshine, though, didn't agree with me at all.  Also, I think I'm getting the flu or something.  Maybe that's why I've been extra tired lately.  Who gets the flu in the middle of summer?  Whatever I did in my past life had better have been really fun, because it sure was bad.