Recently I realized that there was a lot of content I wanted to present on this website and it would make more sense to organize it a bit more clearly.  Therefore I've added a separate navigational bar at the top of the window and given the breast cancer photos, reports, journals, etc. their own section so people that are only looking for this as a resource can come straight here.  There will still be a decent amount of crossover, however, so it may occasionally be worth your while to visit the other portions of the site even if you're only looking for breast cancer content.

Please see the 'Photos' or 'Reports' link to the left in order to view photos of my surgeries or the various reports and lab results associated with the diagnosis and treatment process.

I know this might become a bit repetitive, but people send their friends a variety of links and not all of my visitors are coming here from my main homepage, so in order to recap I'd like to reiterate that this is my personal project to make a lot of breast cancer information public that a lot of people tend to keep private.  When I discovered that I had breast cancer I attempted to research it online and while there are a lot of good resources available there weren't a lot of photographs.  I'm not especially shy, and I feel very strongly that with a grand tool like the internet available to us there's no excuse not to be able to look up exactly what a mastectomy (or port, or anything similar) is like before you have to have one yourself.  Hopefully this site helps at least a few women (or their friends or loved ones) that are curious about what happens during this kind of cancer treatment.