Before emailing or writing, please read the FAQ as many questions you might have are likely already referenced there.

You may contact me via...


Julia Grim
10824 Southeast Oak Street Box No. 252
Portland, Oregon 97222

Want to contribute to my efforts here?  You can donate via PayPal... the funds are used to pay for site hosting, offset treatment costs, replenish my art supplies, buy groceries and small household goods, etc. - hopefully helping out with the little things I haven't been able to afford lately:

Of course money orders or checks are also acceptable ways to contribute to the costs around here... go ahead and mail them to the mailbox address above.

Want to help out with something specific?  Here's a small list of things I could really use:

Micron Pigma pens by Sakura:

I live off of these pens, or at least I do when I can afford them, heh.  I only use two sizes, the .03 and the .005.  Want to make sure the art keeps happening in a direct way?  Send me a pen!

Pigma Micron 03, fine point pen, .35 mm - BLACK ink
Pigma Micron 005, fine point pen, .20 mm - BLACK ink

HP Multipurpose Paper:

I use this paper for EVERYTHING.  I go through it faster than you would believe.  It doesn't cost a lot, but frequently it does cost more than I can budget, which is usually nothing.  Supplying paper would be such a tremendous help to everything I work on here.

HP Multipurpose Paper - Any Quantity

Canon Ink Cartridges:

I use my Canon iP2600 printer for nearly all of my art projects... it's not so easy for me to sit at my computer for hours on end so generally I print out some 'source material' and then wander around my home drawing things in a variety of locations.  Unless I'm out of ink, that is.  Out of ink is sad.

Canon PG-40 Black Twin Pack
Canon CL-41 Color FINE Ink Cartridge
Canon PG-40/CLI-41 Cartridges and Glossy Photo Paper Combo Pack

Target GiftCards:

Pretty much everything I use supply-wise (except the Micron pens) can be found at Target, so a Target GiftCard is a handy thing for me to have.  I can even pick up some of my prescription meds with such a card.  Amazing, no?

Target GiftCards - Any Amount