For those of you coming here from an outside link, this is my 'Starving Artist' effort and it's my attempt to pay for some of the expenses I'm accumulating while in active breast cancer treatment.  I'm very frequently ill and the prospect of doing commissioned freelance work is a bit daunting considering the present economy and my unpredictable health (I'm not in great shape for getting things done in a timely manner and there are a lot of other artists offering their work for less than I can afford).  I've decided instead to work on a few different art items as I'm able to and post them here when I can for free, and hopefully people will contribute if they enjoy what I'm offering.

You can visit my main site at if you indeed were directed here without the main link.  The main site contains much better methods for contacting me or contributing to my efforts.

I've decided to start with coloring book pages and bookmarks that you can print out on your home printer.  There's also a gallery of some of my past work.  If there's a special sort of illustration you'd like to see here please email me and let me know (there's a contact link to the left), although I can't make any guarantees.  I'm not entirely opposed to custom work if you have something in mind, however you would have to be willing to be patient and we would have to work something out that wouldn't be too inconvenient for both parties.

If you like the illustrations offered here and can afford to throw a dollar or two my way, there's a PayPal link to the left.  If you can't afford it, perhaps you can tell your friends about it and maybe they can throw me a buck or two.  I'm not setting any goals or expecting anything specific, but it would be nice if I could use my illustrations to buy myself a few groceries and household items that I haven't been able to afford lately, not to mention restocking the art supplies cupboard.  Speaking of art supplies, even spare art supplies would help me out, or even the odd clicky-pencil here and there.